All riders from 5 years to 80 years of age are welcome to ride with us.
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Just another day at the office



"To stop me talking you
need to tie my hands"


Mum I said look no hands

No I didn't burn the camp
oven last night

Contact Details for Giddee-Up Horse Trail Rides

Gidd-ee Up Horse Trail Rides is located on the Lazy K Ranch at:

108 One Chain Road Mungar Queensland.

Our Phone number is: 07 4129 6535

Email us here: Giddee-Up Horse Trail Rides

Or you can send us a message or contact information by using our Contact Form.

We are:

just 3.5 hours north of Brisbane

25 minutes west of Maryborough and

50 minutes from Hervey Bay

Bookings are essential.

Contact us before you visit so that we can give you clear and easy to follow directions on how to find us.

Call us today on 4129 6535 and discover how enjoyable horse riding and trail riding can be when it's done right by people who love horses and want to share their passion with you.

Hope to see you soon...
The Daly Family @ The Lazy K Ranch.

Riding to Lake McDonald camp
for the night after a long lunch
at Pomona Pub

Hope the train doesn't come

Everyone wants to get
into the act


Holding a guys horse while
he goes and sees a man
about another horse

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